City of Culture 2021

Rivaling Coventry, Sunderland, Swansea and Stoke-on-Trent sits Paisley in the fight to be ‘City of Culture 2021’ With a population of 76,000, the town came to prominence with the establishment of Paisley Abbey (where William Wallace was taught) in the 12th Century.


After being refurbished in the 20th Century this breath taking piece of architecture still stands as a working church today. Many weddings and some events take place in this spectacular space, e.g. Paisley’s home boy Paolo Nutini playing here in Oct 2017.

‘The Paisley we know now was formed by the industrial revolution, which transformed a small market town into a thriving textile hub where hundreds of weavers threaded together the Paisley-patterned shawls which carried our name around the world.’









This Renfrewshire town is possibly most famous for the Paisley Print, a worldly known pattern you will see throughout fashion, interiors etc. The Paisley print design originates from Persia and is still massively popular in other items of clothing in Iran and South and Central Asian countries.


So you’re probably thinking; Why Paisley? When you really look into Paisley’s history and background, the foundations of businesses that came from this humble town, we really do deserve it. 


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