Summer Loving

After the one glimpse of sunshine we had over the weekend, (which seems to now be horizontal downpour), I am well and truly in full summer spirits. Matching your home to the seasons is a great way to keep up with current trends but also give your home that fresh feel. Summer 17 is all about acrylic and colour.


You might be thinking, what the hell is she talking about acrylic for… but the material is quickly appearing on everything from modern tables to dining chairs. Whether you’re working with a small space, or a grand room, the see-through material can also be a strategic choice to help open up the room letting those beautiful rays bounce on through.


Brackendene, Houston

Entrance Hall - 01.jpg

Dalhousie Road, Kilbarchan

With neutral toned halls and kitchens the easiest and least costly way to bring in those sunny vibes is to simply add a pop of colour, from ornaments to light shades. See above the owner has a clean decor with the amazing pink fish (which I LOVE) and fresh flowers,  a perfect crisp look.

Summer Living Room.jpg

When it comes to living areas, these can be tricky if you have a strong theme going already,  but less really is more for summer decorFlowers are the quickest and possibly easiest way to spruce up a living room. See below the country/ cottage tune through this home, yet that cerise pink pop in the cushions massively contrasting yet beautiful as one.




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